Following the payment modifying the order is only possible if it is not yet in production. When the order goes in production (status changes to In Progress) customer receives a proper notification about it and order following this event cannot be modified. Time passing between placement of an order and going in production is heavily depending on actual production capacities.

Design aspects of customer orders is the same like those of the product samples in our catalogue. Customers are allowed to put their special requests in the Remark field among order parameters before placing the order. Style of how pictures are edited reflects the best practice of our company and not a subject customer expectation.

Complains following the production of the order are not accepted. In case of complex or different to understand design ideas we strongly suggest to order the Design preview creation service from our Additional services first. Order in such a case only goes in production if customer confirms in email that the design preview of the order is accepted.

Bad quality photos resulting presumably unsatisfying outcomes are rejected. In a case like this the customer receives our notification and asked to look for a better picture file for his order.