Laser Shop Ltd. is offering services in the field of design, production, retail and wholesale of personalized and exclusive decoration items made of optical glass. After launching its services in 2004 as a pioneer in the field of 3D subsurface laser engraving the company reached well established marked position in CEE in the last 15 years. Products and services in our catalogue are sold by hundreds of resellers within four countries around Hungary.

Product portfolio includes items made of Grade-A K9 optical glass and completely transparent acrylic materials. Photos, texts, company logos and custom 3D designs can be engraved in the selected objects with our special Nd-YAG green laser technology. Custom shaped acrylic items are cut out from raw material in-house as well as some of our optical glass products.

Wide range of acrylic and soft metal accessories with proprietary design are manufactured in-house such as light base accessories, gift boxes, metal holders. In addition to the core 3D laser engraving our technology base includes CNC routing, freeform glass cutting, glass edge beveling, and lathe machine operations for metal components.