Base parameters of products like name, price, product IDs, product photos are visible on the product page without registration. In order to access stock level information an active registration is needed. Registration starts with filling the registration form. Successful registration is finished by clicking on the account activation link in the confirmation email. Logging in to the activated account enables product pricing and stock info on product pages as well as ordering and order history functions.


Placing orders

Orders can be created from product pages by clicking on Place a new order button. The following order parameters must be filled before adding the order to the shopping cart.


Photo and text can be completed with 3D motives from our catalogue. Standard motives can be selected from the scroll down list. Motive is an optional order parameter and base stand on the picture of the motive is not part of the motive

Engraved text

Engraved text parameter contains the text to be engraved in the glass. Special characters and grammar spelling is not verified by us. Engraving will contain exactly the same text as it is defined here.

Upload photo

Photo to be engraved can be uploaded here. Picture formats accepted are JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF or PNG. For more than one picture files can be zipped and uploaded as one but the size the uploaded file can be no more than 3MB.


Special requests are placed here such as portrait or landscape orientation is preferred or background of the photo should be removed or not. 


Quantity of products to be ordered with the same engraving. For special offers where offer contains two products quantity must remain one.

Before placing orders products in the shopping cart can be deleted and quantities can be adjusted. Please verify your data carefully before placing an order especially when it comes to delivery and invoicing details. Orders in the shopping cart are deleted automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity if the order is not placed.


Order tracking

Status of placed orders can be tracked by clicking on the specific order in My Account menu. Status changes always generate email notifications sent to customer’s email address. Information on status updates is also provided by our customer care service. Identifying your order requires your order ID from the order confirmation email.