Quader 40x60x40mm
Quader 50x130x50mm
Penholder quader with 2 holes
Cube 80x80x80mm
Round 147x140x30mm
Large heart s.steel pendant
Arrow keychain
Obelisk award
Clock - round
Oval s.steel pendant
Oval award
Pendrive glass 4 GB
Swarovski heart medal - large
Heart 80x80x19mm
Round top 55x55x130mm
Cut corner cube 50x50x50mm

What we do

Styling and design

Our architects will get in contact with you right after we receive your request. Should you have an issues related to interior design, laser technology or glass materials we are ready with out-of-the-box answers for you immediately. Explore our expertise in the field of laser graphics design and feel free to ask any related questions – we will be more than happy to assist you.

3D graphics

We are prepared to handle any graphics that you select. Most of the software for 2D and 3D graphics are known to us. We prepare the 3D preview as you want to see it: with realistic lighting, shadows, reflection and refraction, transparency and translucency. Key properties of the previews that help you to decide whether you accept the finals or you make some more changes on the design.

Engraving and installation

With our manufacturing equipment we are prepared to engrave several hundred of smaller items during overnight jobs or to engrave a single glass sheet up to 900x1800mm size. After engraving took place we organize special transport to your location and our installation engineers will help you to build the final installation according to the plans that you approved before.

From our customers


I totally recommend your services. Cheers, Patrick


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